At seven, a battered station wagon pulled into the Delta front yard. It was royal blue, had mud flaps and bore on its side the legend OTIS DAY & THE KNIGHTS. Boon rushed to the door and watched in near ecstasy as the station wagon poured out Negroes. Cool city black guys were rare as chocolate egg creams in Fuber, Pennsylvania. Two of them were wearing do-rags. - National Lampoon's Animal House


DeWayne Jessie was part of Universal Studios' stable of character actors when he was offered the role of Otis Day, the roadhouse rhythm -and - blues singer in "Animal House" - National Lampoon's occasionally raunchy but - unfailingly- funny tribute to college fraternity life. Now he's Otis - for life. "He's taken over,"Jessie admitted. "He's taken over as far as performing goes. But when I get my bills, it's DeWayne Jessie."


"About two days after the film was released, I got a call from a guy in Rhode Island wanting us to come out on the road," Jessie said.

 "I didn't go, but then Los Angeles based producers Ron Kurtz and Don Podolor called and said 'Let's give it a try'"! The rest is Rock n' Roll history. Otis toured to sold out crowds immediately. In fact, in Galveston, Texas he drew 375,000 to his Mardi Gras concert. "It was done in reverse," states Ron Kurtz. "First we toured successfully (over 260 concerts the first year alone), then we did a feature full length video. Then we recorded the album on MCA Records produced by George Clinton."


Otis Day and The Knights continue to perform around the world and are still the number one party band in America.

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